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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...whipped buttercream frosting... pg. 240

You can find this recipe HERE

HANDS DOWN, BEST FROSTING!!!! Just had to get that out first.

So, I had been planning on making my young women's class at church, individual cupcakes, and deliver them for Christmas. I was racking my brain, and could not find a good frosting recipe, I could add peppermint too. While I was on the internet looking, my sister-in-law texted me and told me that she was in the process of making the gingerbread cookies from the cookbook, and she made the buttercream frosting from the book as well, to put on top of the cookies. I was shocked, and a little embarrassed, because I didn't know there was a frosting recipe in the cookbook!! So I grabbed my book, which is getting pretty raggedy by now... and flipped to the recipe for the buttercream frosting. In the title of the recipe it says, "It's sure to win over nonlovers of frosting everywhere!" Which made me immediately think of my husband, and his entire family! They hate frosting. Whenever I make cupcakes, I leave some without frosting for my husband. And if i ever made a cake for my in-laws, I would barely have a layer on top of frosting. Or, they would just scrape it off. So this was now my challenge!!

I mixed up this frosting, added PEPPERMINT extract, and oh.my.gosh. Seriously. AMAZING.

I was trying to make the frosting swirled with red and white, but it didn't work out very well. I had frosting everywhere! If there had been a camera on me while I was doing that, I'd be in trouble, cause I was making a huge mess, and I was licking it off of everything....


Now for the challenge.... When my husband came home, first thing I did when he came home was I told him he HAD to eat one of those cupcakes. He wouldn't do it right away. I think he waited until after dinner. But then he devoured it. And when I asked him what he thought, he chuckled and said, "that's pretty darn good!" :) Which if you knew him, you knew, that was huge! Now my next challenge is to make it for my in-laws while I'm there next week, and see what they think!

Chocolate cupcake, with this amazing peppermint buttercream frosting.

This is what I handed to each of my girls for their Christmas treat!

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