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Sunday, October 2, 2011

...baby back ribs... pg. 144

For this past Father's Day, my mom, sister and I KNEW we were going to grill ribs for my dad and my husband. So the day before, we created the menu, and made our shopping list. I told them I wanted to try this recipe. My little sister was a little weary, just cause what if it didn't turn out?! Yeah, I hear ya... but what if it's AMAZING?! So I went ahead with the recipe. The next morning, before I started prepping the marinade, my mom and sister both wanted me to re-think this recipe. They both wanted me to not have to fuss so much over it. I thought about it for a second, then pushed forward. When we got home from church that afternoon, I'm not going to lie... It didn't smell too good! Everyone else thought it smelled good. So I wasn't too worried. While my sister was finishing them up on the grill, I was frying our homemade french fries. I hear through the window... "OH MY GOSH JEN!! These ribs are SOOO good!!!"

And there you have it.

These are hands down the best ribs I've ever had... (sorry Buster's!)

I've made these twice. So yes, this might be cheating, because this is from before I started the challenge. But i came across this picture, and thought I needed to post it! :)

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Mary Kelly said...

Um! Yes! Best.Ribs.Ever!!!