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Saturday, October 29, 2011

...thai peanut noodles... pg.165

You can find this recipe HERE

I love peanut noodles. So I've been wanting to make this for a while. I was a little confused when I was stirring up the sauce, and it wasn't thickening... Anytime I've ever made peanut sauce, it's been creamy. I was a little hesitant. Once you mix the sauce with the noodles though, you don't even think about the sauce anymore! The sauce just seeps into the noodles, and it's sooooo yummy! My friend makes this all the time, cause her boys love it. So I was excited that it would be something my kids would eat. However, when I was trying the noodles, they were WAY too spicy to feed my kids. :( I might have put a little too much Sriracha sauce. So they got grilled cheese sandwiches that night! :)

It was fun chopping the ginger... sadly, that was my first time ever cooking with fresh ginger! The smell itself will make me use it more!
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Mary Kelly said...

ooo... one of your best photos yet! So professional! We just had this for dinner tonight!

Liz said...

I love fresh ginger too!

You might have seen this already on my blog (from the Lemon Ginger Scone recipe I posted last week), but if not, I just learned this tip about ginger:

If you are planning on grating it, freeze it the night before. That way, when you grate it it's not stringy.

It's brilliant! I'll never attempt to grate room temperature ginger again!