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Friday, October 7, 2011

...sugar cookies... pg. 208

You can find the recipe here

I was in charge of bringing snacks for my son's preschool class this week. So I thought it would be fun to bring some cookies made of things that started with a "B" since that's the letter they were working on this week. So I had my son, Cohen help me out! We did the letter "B", a bear, and a bat.

What a cute little helper I have! Yes, that's a princess apron... he doesn't have his own apron yet!

These are yummy cookies! I will definitely be using this recipe for my holiday baking! :)

My question is, and I've had this question for quite some time... why do you have to 'chill' cookie dough?? I followed the directions like a good little girl, and chilled it. But when I rolled it out, I felt like the 'chill' was gone. So what was the point? Answer anyone??


Mary Kelly said...

Cute little Cohen passing out cookies at preschool... "Here you go Max." "Here you go Blake." "Here you go Morgen." "Here you go Simeon." A cute and yummy snack for sure. How much did the dough make? My sugar cookie recipe makes tons but I would love a recipe that makes a medium amount.

The Copy Cat Chef said...

Ohhh that's sooo cute!! It made about 20-25 cookies. I was actually thinking that I would double it next time. But yeah, for what I was doing, it was plenty!