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Friday, October 7, 2011

...fauxtisserie chicken... pg. 110

you can find the recipe here

So I have never made a whole chicken before. Scared? yes. Grossed out? yes. Okay, so I did this a few months ago. And I wish I had pictures of what I looked like when I stuck my hand into the chicken and pulled out all the guts. I was gagging... to say the least. This time I used a spoon to get rid of the insides... hence the picture. Still grossed out.

loosening the skin, and stuffing with ingredients:

In the cookbook there are different variations of ingredients you can use. I did the lemon-rosemary. but added garlic. It was so good. And now looking at how they do it on their website, they used WAY more seasoning salt than I did! Still tasted amazing! And this whole meal was SUPER easy! After the de-gutting of the chicken, you pretty much just leave it for 6 hours. Then I threw some red potatoes and carrots in a bag with olive oil, and lipton onion soup, then stuck them in the oven for 45 minutes. Such an easy, yummy meal! AND, after dinner, I took all the meat off the chicken, and stuck the remaining stuff in a pot with other ingredients and I've got myself some homemade chicken broth (which I've never done before!)! WOOHOO! So stay tuned for that one!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! This made me laugh, because it was totally me. I have only made a handfull of chickens and I cannot stand reaching my hand in it. Plus the first time I cooked one, I accidently cooked it upside down.

Mary Kelly said...

I love your face in that picture, you just look like you are about to vomit. I know it will make me seem like a real big weirdo but I actually don't mind the feel of raw meat or scooping the guts out of a chicken. But that chicken does turn out so yummy. When I made it I saved the extra to make the creamy chicken taquitos.