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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

...overnight caramel sticky buns... pg.59

I was sooo excited to make these. For a week I had planned to make these, and a breakfast casserole left in my crock pot all night, on Christmas Eve. That way when we woke up Christmas morning, all I would have to do is bake the rolls, and breakfast was served!

The sticky buns were insanely easy to throw together. It literally took me two minutes to get them ready to rise overnight. The next morning, they looked amazing! I popped them in the oven for twenty minutes... finished opening presents, took them out... and they didn't look the way I thought they were going to.......

They just kinda fell out of the pan! The rolls didn't stick together, and all the "gooey-ness" didn't melt. But the rolls were perfectly brown. I was really disappointed. I'm not sure why the sugar didn't melt! It didn't come close to looking like the picture in the book! They were still really good. You just had to pick out the rolls that had the melted goodness on them!

So if anyone tries these, please let me know if you had a different (or same) outcome!


The Jen said...

These are a family tradition that my grandma started. If you mix all the dry stuff with the butter in a sauce pan and melt it all and then dump it over the buns (before they rise) it should turn out right. You gotta try it again because they are really good when the stuff is melted together first.

The Copy Cat Chef said...

I melted just the butter. Does it make a difference to mix the rest of the ingredients WITH the butter?

yeah, we made ones similar to these at the YW's overnighter, and they turned out PERFECT! they were sooooooo good!