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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

...apple pie... pg. 222

You can find the recipe HERE

I have NEVER made a pie before. Nope. It scared the poop out of me too. When I was looking through the cookbook at the beginning of this challenge. I KNEW I wanted to save this for Thanksgiving. I know what you're thinking... "First time making a pie, and you want to TRY it for Thanksgiving?!" Yeah, I know. Sounds crazy now. I was a little stressed out when I began. Just because every recipe I had ever read on pie crusts stressed the point of making sure every utensil, ingredient, even the bowl was ICE COLD. So I rushed through making the crust, so nothing warmed up.

Okay, I'm totally frustrated with this crust. I ended up cutting the edge off, cause it looked ugly. But then I realized I needed part of the edge to fold over. Duh.

So I faked it.

You guys, the smell itself, is worth it!!! {Which if you were at my house during this point, I was swearing off making a pie EVER again!!}

TA-DA!! I even cut out little pumpkins to cover up any imperfections in the crust! :)

The Lattice crust was by far the hardest part. I actually really like Dutch apple pies. So I thought about doing that on top instead. But I said, if I'm making a pie for Thanksgiving... GO BIG! So i did the fancy shmancy crust. I was also nervous that with having a lot of other pies for dessert, no one would eat mine. Well, mine was the first one gone!

This was DELICIOUS!!!! And I know I said I would never make a pie again. I totally want to make another. I just won't ever do the lattice crust, AGAIN!

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