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Friday, September 16, 2011

...slow cooker french dip sandwiches... pg.134

I have actually been making french dips like this for a couple years... I just have never used a recipe, or measurements with it before. This recipe is excellent!Iif you've never made french dips like this, do it.
 So easy, and sooooooo tasty!! My family was going crazy with them!

My brother actually added mustard to his. If you know me, you know my thoughts on that. He actually LOVED it. Kinda weird... but to each their own! :) 

A side note for a small family: When I started making this years ago, I would buy like a 3-4 lb roast and cook it the exactly the same as in the recipe, just don't shred it. Serve like a pot roast meal... potatoes, gravy, carrots, etc.... reserve the liquid in the fridge. Then the next day, dump the left over roast in a pot with reserved liquid, heat, shred, and you've got yourself some french dips! Two meals in one!

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The Jen said...

I made this last night and made the tomato soup. It was ALL delish. I even made the homemade french bread rolls they suggest from the book. Also DELISH. For the soup I used all fresh veggies from the farmer's market, including fresh tomatoes, and I used fresh basil instead of dried. It was amazing. Tonight we are having the leftovers with toasted cheese and Jeffer and Cal love it. You have totally inspired me to cook with this book, we love it!