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Monday, May 7, 2012

...baked creamy chicken taquitos... pg 108

you can find this recipe HERE

I have truly been in a funk lately. I have not been the best "homemaker" these days. Nothing ever sounds good while looking through a cook book, and even walking around the store... I just wander around, and end up buying the most random stuff that most definitely does not equal something to make for dinner! So last Sunday night I told Jeff that he had to pick two things out of the cookbook for me to make this week. This being one of them! Don't really know why it took me this long to make these. They are AMAZING. And they were SOOO easy to throw together (once the chicken was cooked and shredded). Surprisingly, I had every ingredient for this, except the pepper jack cheese and fresh cilantro. You could just use Cheddar cheese, but the pepper jack just added an extra kick, which was nice. It wasn't spicy though... my son LOVED them. And he's pretty picky.

My medium sized cookie scooper worked perfectly!

Ummm, did I mention how delicious these are?!? My sister, Allison was over the night I made these, and she loved them too! I paired it with the caramelized green beans. The beans turned out so much better this time then they did last time. I told my husband that the next time we have to take appetizers somewhere, these bad boys are coming with us!

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Mary Kelly said...

Never made the chicken ones but I have made the beef ones- those were dang good but I felt like it took FOREVER to make them. Maybe I didn't have the right system for assembling them.