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Friday, March 23, 2012

...black bean soup... pg. 94

Well honestly, I thought no one was reading my blog, So I wasn't as on top of posting my stuff, But I guess I DO have some followers! :)

you can find this recipe HERE

While I was visiting my dearest friend, Courtney, in California, we were going through this cookbook and she was picking out things she wanted me to make for her while I was visiting. She chose this.

Which I'm so glad. I was putting this one off for as long as I could... I'm not a HUGE fan of black beans. If I had the choice, I would choose refried, or even pinto (this drives the hubby nuts, since he's a huge black bean lover). Anyhooo...

This is severely amazing.

When we were shopping for ingredients, we couldn't decide on mild or hot green chilies. Why don't they sell medium?! So we went with the hot. We both like spicy, and luckily Courtney's husband does too, because this was SPICY. While we were eating it, we would be sniffling, and wiping our noses, in between our raves of satisfaction in this soup! It's sooooo good. The spices in it, and the texture, everything. Just excellent!

Must note: I made this the second I got back home, but this time I used mild chilies (which didn't give ANY heat at all). So don't really know what to do about that. If any of you see medium spiced green chillies, let me know! :) Jeff loved it though.

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