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Monday, February 13, 2012

...caramelized green beans... pg.188

You can find this recipe HERE

I love green beans. but I honestly never cook them because I don't know how. I remember 2 summers ago, I was so proud of myself cause I bought a big bag full of green beans from a farmers market, for super cheap. I got home, cooked up a batch... and threw them out. They were nasty! Bitter, and just not good. I just don't know how to cook green beans! Sad...

Now I do!

These beans are sooo flavorful, and crunchy, yet soft, and the bacon just adds such a nice salty flavor! So scrumptious! I even got my son to eat them! :)

okay, this picture is a little scary. I totally over cooked the onions. But my husband and I don't like onions anyway, so we didn't care.

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