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Monday, February 13, 2012

...roasted pork tenderloin... pg.148

You can find this recipe HERE

I was hosting a dinner party, and thought pork tenderloin would be perfect. I searched high and low on pinterest, and random googling {yes, that's a word}. I just was not thrilled with what I was finding. Then duh, I looked in the Best Bites cookbook. They have three different recipes to cook the pork tenderloin. I chose the Rosemary-Balsamic. I bought just over a 7 pound roast. So I septupled { ? } the recipe! Everything was smelling very good while I was rubbing it into the roast.

Then I left it in the fridge for just about 6 hours to marinate.

While it was cooking, I was getting really nervous that the roast would taste too vinegary (okay, so I like to make up words...) I was sooooooooo nervous. When I pulled out the roast, I cut into it to make sure it was done. A section for the corner fell off, so I grabbed it and threw it in my mouth. oh. wow. My nerves turned to excitement, and I couldn't wait for everyone to taste it!

this was amazing. I will probably never use another recipe for pork tenderloin again!

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Mary Kelly said...

It was hands down the best pork roast!