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Monday, May 7, 2012

...teriyaki sauce... pg. 46

you can find this recipe HERE

This was really fast, really easy, and I can not believe I've never made my own teriyaki sauce before! Maybe I thought you'd use too many weird ingredients that I never have on hand. Well my friends, let me tell you, I had every single thing to make this. And it got me so annoyed that it was so easy. So I will be making this from now on, instead of paying a fortune (well maybe not a fortune, but maybe like 4 bucks) for store bought sauce!

My only question for those who have made this before... did yours thicken?? In the recipe it says after adding the cornstarch mixture, it will thicken up. Mine didn't at all. it was very runny. Still delicious, just curious...

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Anonymous said...

Did you bring it to a boil after adding your cornstarch?